Why Most Diamond Art Painting Companies Get it Wrong

Janine noticed the colors of the canvases weren’t nearly as vivid in real life.

There were issues with the material, too  — stiff, rough canvas that wouldn’t lie flat or smooth out. 

And while the art was meant to sparkle, in real life the diamonds looked dull or were a complete mismatch with the painting.

Although she loved the experience, Janine wasn’t happy with the result.

Sometimes she would work for hours on a diamond art painting only to be disappointed. More than once, she threw out the finished product because the diamonds weren’t sticking!

What good is a diamond art painting without the diamonds?

How Janine’s Frustration Sparked a New Kind of Diamond Art

Janine quickly realized the need for better diamond art kits… and made the shift from hobbyist to creator.

It started with sourcing the most beautiful art.

Janine believed diamond art painters deserved more original art, from true artists. Pieces that would look stunning in any room.

She started looking for unique artwork from popular designers and artists with followings on Instagram.

Her next step? To license these works directly from the artists and turn them into stunning diamond art painting kits!

Meticulously Made for More Beautiful Diamond Art Paintings

When Janine looked for companies to make her diamond art kits, she discovered why so many paintings don’t turn out. Cheap production meant low-quality.

That’s when Janine decided to start from scratch. She signed an exclusive partnership with a factory that really understood her vision.

Together, they worked step-by-step to source the most iridescent diamonds and premium canvases. Everything was re-engineered and tested until the kits worked perfectly and the finished diamond paintings truly sparked and shined.

Today, we’re so pleased to make the best quality diamond art kits anywhere available to you!

Why You’ll Notice the Difference