Shipping Policy

Where is my order? 

We proudly offer free worldwide shipping. We ship from our custom printing facilities located overseas. Because the items are coming from overseas, shipping usually takes between 7-28 days door to door (excluding processing time). In extremely rare cases, shipping will exceed 28 days due to factors such as shipping congestion, customs delays, and high order volumes. 

Typical shipping time frames are as follows: 

USA: Between 7 - 28 days average 

Canada: Between 7 - 28 days average

Europe: Between 7 - 28 days average

Australia: Between 7 - 28 days average

Russia: Between 15 - 60 days average

All Others: Between 7 - 28 days average

You can track your order by simply contacting us.

Why did I only receive part of my order?

We ship our kits from multiple printing facilities in different locations. As a result, kits within the same order may be shipped from different facilities and arrive at slightly different times. 

Some items in your order may arrive before others. When this happens, it is likely that the remaining items in your order are still in transit and will arrive very soon.

Why is my tracking stuck?

This is completely normal. When your order is in transit and moving between countries, tracking will be very slow to update (the package(s) are on shipping containers in the middle of the ocean).  

When the item lands in the US, it will move very quickly to your doorstep. You can track it by simply entering your tracking ID into the official USPS Tracking Site. 

Why did I receive two separate tracking numbers?

Because we ship from multiple locations, your order may arrive in multiple packages. Each package is assigned a different tracking ID. 

What shipping provider do you use? 

You can expect to receive your package(s) through your local carrier (USPS if you are located in the US) once it passes through customs. Times will vary depending on multiple factors, including seasonality, backlog, and the speed of your local carrier.

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